A community driven, open source project that enables everybody to run a free tutoring platform in their local community.

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What is a tutify.org Platform?

The idea behind a tutify.org platform is to harness the qualifications and skills of university students, to help school students with completing their coursework. Especially in the times of Covid-19 many school students lack the support necessary to complete their schoolwork. Parents often don't have the time to help their children, this is where tutify.org platforms come in. We match volunteering university students (tutors) with school students (tutees) who need help. For free.

We also want to highlight the potential of tutify.org platforms to be operating after the Covid-19 crisis. The goal after the crisis could be to provide free tutoring to students who would otherwise be unable to get a personal tutor.

As a Tutee

You register on a platform from the tutify.org community and specify in what subjects you need help and what grade you are in. We will then look for one of our verified tutors in our database that offers the subjects that you need help in, and we will match you as soon as possible!

As a Tutor

You register on a platform from the tutify.org community and specify in what subjects you are able to help. After your registration you will be asked to participate in a screening call, in order to verify that you are a student. Then you will be matched with your tutee, and can start helping right away!

10,000 registered tutees

11,000 registered tutors

How To Build Your Own tutify.org Platform

As an Open Source project we pride ourself on harnessing the collective power of people all over the globe, in order to help ambitious individuals build their own tutify.org platform for their country. We will also try to support you and your team as much as possible during the initial setup.

Fully Developed Software

Developing a backend, frontend and fixing all the bugs is a difficult and time intensive process. But fear not, we have already done all the hard work and developed all the software you'll need. This includes a matching algorithm, which has already matched over 8600 students; a screening tool; a user portal; and a backend that powers it all.

Find the Code on Github

Tested and Proven Guidelines

Developing the processes necessary for running a tutor-student matching platform is difficult. So we haven taken our experience and processes, and have written those guidelines for you. They have been tested and proven through operating a tutify.org platform in Germany, with a team of over 75 volunteers. The only thing you will need to do is to implement them!

Guidelines Soon To Be Published